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RX Blue Gin w/ 43% vol. from the Netherlands (49,86€/Liter)

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The enthusiastic reception of RX Classic Gin and RX Orange Gin gave Dutch Spirits an appetite for more. At the beginning of 2019, RX Blue Gin created a true sensation. RX Blue Gin is the pinnacle of experience. No ‘pink gin’, but a ‘blue gin’ that turns pink the moment you add a tonic. The color pink arises because one of the ingredients in the gin reacts to the acid of the tonic. The blue color of the gin comes from the tropical kittel flower. This blue flower with a yellow-white heart is used in Southeast Asia to color rice or cakes. Pure magic with a fresh, sweet summer drink as a result!

Supplied by Dutch Spirits Company B.V., Beverwijk, NL.

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